Trusted peer-to-peer transactions on ecommerce platform.

A protocol for decentralized payments & reputation on TRON-Blockchain.
Use BSB-TRC20,USSD-TRC20 today on the AndB2C marketplace with over 10M users!
Millions of items listed using TRON-Blockchain. Thousands of transactions per day.

The AndB2C Marketplace

TRON-Blockchain Protocol is the new reputation and payment system within the AndB2C marketplace.
  • Launched 2020
  • 10M registered users
  • 100M items sold
  • B2C-USSD TRC20 is the transaction currency
Buy and sell anything on B2C Market using USSD like clothing, collectibles, electronics, toys, gadgets, jewelry, and much more! Millions of items have already been listed using USSD, with thousands of daily transactions.

TRON-Blockchain Protocol Decentralizes P2P SmartContract Payments

Any marketplace platform
TRON-Blockchain Protocol can be integrated into new or existing platforms and can also be used in marketplaces that don’t directly handle payments.
Any transaction
TRON-Blockchain Protocol doesn’t require a marketplace. It can be used for any peer-to-peer transaction, regardless of where it happens.
Remove uncertainty. View any seller’s global reputation, pay with escrow, and leave feedback for completed transactions.
Reputation is decentralized, independent, and public, so it is available anywhere. Bring it with you and never worry about rebuilding it from scratch.

AndB2C: Seller Reputation App

Built on top of TRON-Blockchain Protocol, AndB2C helps marketplace sellers drive more sales by building trust and reputation everywhere they sell. Use your existing PayPal account and create a single public reputation to use on any p2p marketplace, forum, or classifieds site.
Build decentralized reputation
A single profile for all your sales
Payments processed via PayPal
All ratings are tied to actual payments, which are stored on the TRON-Blockchain.

ANDB2C Pay: DeFi Payments via USSD-TRC20

The B2C Pay dApp allows buyers and sellers to make and receive cryptocurrency payment for items on any third-party platform or marketplace like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, and more.
  • Sellers can accept cryptocurrency payments with B2C Pay and build their reputation.
  • Buyers can check a seller’s reputation before buying and also leave feedback once a transaction is complete.
  • Optionally add a mediator and decentralized escrow for a higher level of safety. Coming soon!

The TRON-Blockchain Protocol Ecosystem

(AndB2C, Amazon, Shoppee, etc, …)
Payment Apps
(B2C Pay, etc, ….)
(3rd Party Mediations)
ANDB2C smart contract
(AndB2C Ecommerce, …)
Smart USSD Chain Token
(B2C Pay, etc, ….)
(3rd Party Mediations)
Marketplaces, payment apps, and mediation services can all use TRON Protocol. ANDB2C will integrate the TRON Protocol into its existing marketplace and immediately begin development of the ANDB2C Pay app. Developers can build their own marketplaces, payment apps, and other services to leverage the ANDB2C Protocol platform.

Milestones / Roadmap

August 2020
ANDB2C Inc. is founded and receives funding from BitLoto Capital
April 2021
The ANDB2C System launches
May 2021
ANDB2C launches iOS app, announces $1.75MM seed round led by A16Z
October 2021
ANDB2C announces $400K angel round
January 2022
ANDB2C reaches 1M registered users, launches Android app
Q2 2022
  • Launch B2C Pay App and B2C Pay partnerships
  • Marketplace partnerships
  • Consumer app partnerships
  • Shipping and logistics partnerships
  • Launch first live integration with consumer app partners
  • Create a developer community around the B2C Developer Portal and Gitter
Q3 2022
  • Start work on enabling additional cryptocurrency payments
  • Launch easy reputation viewer / browser
  • Start feedback and reputation importer for existing marketplaces
  • Start work on fiat payments integration
Q4 2022
  • Launch B2C Pay Checkouts feature
  • Start work on marketplace plugins for forums and message boards
  • Start work on marketplace plugins for online stores
  • Integrate local marketplaces and other marketplace verticals into B2C Pay
Goals for 2022 and beyond
  • B2C Protocol will be partnering with Props to push the vision of a large scale consumer token economy together! Read more